A year ago today

A year ago today, I went to IVF training with my beautiful friend Susan. I geeked out on all the science info and dutifully took notes for her. We are such a fun pair, the two of us, opposite in so many ways. But it’s those opposite ways that have helped us support each other the most over the years. 

A year ago today, we had no idea how this journey would end for her. There were so many factors against her being a mother. But they had raised the money, and they had this shot at IVF.

If you have learned anything from reading my story over the last few months, it’s that you want as many embryos as possible coming out of IVF. Anything can go wrong, even with the most beautiful of embryos. 

Susan ended up with one embryo. All our hopes hinged upon that embryo.

It was a few months before she was ready to transfer it, because she was so afraid it wouldn’t work. And while I tried to be her positive friend during that time, I was terrified myself. A world without Susan as a mother seemed so empty and dark, and she was one failed transfer away from that happening. 

But it didn’t fail. That embryo is currently a wiggly baby boy in her womb, ready to make his entrance into the world. 

Oh, the difference that a year makes! 


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