The Peaceable Kingdom


The first sermon I listened to by Jonathan Martin of Renovatus Church was “The Woman at the Well” on 2/3/13. It was on the Samaritan woman in John 4, a common text about which I have heard many sermons. And yet, the way he spoke of the text was revolutionary, as were the remaining sermons in his “Seen” series. I have not looked at the women in the gospels, and the particular way in which Jesus sees them, the same way since.

I have been listening to his sermons for a year, and they have changed me. I do not think I could have endured the suffering of this past year without the wisdom and grace Pastor Jonathan’s words have provided me. At the end of our second failed fertility treatment, we planned a spontaneous cabin getaway, and I spent the weekend reading his book Prototype.  It calmed my soul and gave me the hope I needed to keep going.

All that to say, if you are a fan of podcasts, and even if you aren’t, you should tune into his new series on the Peaceable Kingdom. The first sermon proclaims his view that the book of Revelation is the most explicitly non-violent book in the Bible, which is radical. And a little crazy. Anyone who hopes to prove a point like that deserves a listen.

Listen here, or subscribe to his podcasts on your phone, as I do. Particularly if you have a frustrating  commute to and from work. It makes the long drive much more bearable.